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There are many places of interest within easy driving distance of The Lodges. Some of our favorites are listed below with the approximate driving distance.

Bellozar Studio (0.5 miles)

Bellozar Studio is the home of an exceptional artist whose studio is next door to The Lodges. Call Sharon Zarambo at (540)-923-5077 and make an appointment to see her wonderful mixed-media art. You have to see it to fully appreciate it. You’ll be amazed. She is going to hit the big time soon so don’t miss a great opportunity.

Ducard Vineyards (4 miles)

Ducard Vineyards is a boutique winery in gorgeous mountainside setting very near The Lodges. Limited quantity, estate grown wines in a relaxed, fun and intimate environment. Tasting room features deck with great views of mountains, streams and vineyards. T...Read more >>

Little Country Store (2 miles)

Visit the old-time Little Country Store located just minutes from The Lodges. Groceries, deli, beverages, locally raised Rider’s Backfield Farm Beef. Hershey’s hand dipped ice cream. Fresh cut lunch meats, cheese and slab bacon. Homemade pork BBQ sandwiches served daily.

Old Raggedy Ann Antiques (2 miles)

Old Raggedy Ann Antiques has a nice collection of historic items dating from pre-1800 through the mid 1900’s including farm tools, mill fans, shingle mills, scoops, cook stoves, utensils, furniture, mantels, coins, carriages, sleighs, and more. It is located a short distance from The Lodges.

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