Area Activities



Our area offers wonderful hiking trails, elegant country inns, wineries and a range of restaurants from elegant to casual, lots of antique shops, farm stands and a variety of seasonal events — all in a gorgeous setting that is a great getaway from the big city. Once you have decided on your rental dates make contact with the Madison Chamber of Commerce to determine if there are special local events planned for your weekend.



There are a number of activities within the boundaries of The Lodges. Take a hike around the property and stop at the stream in the back for a refreshing break. Try your luck at fishing, discover an old Appalachia home site, or just relax on the porch and unwind. Premise Map


Cocktail Hill

Arrive 1 hour before sunset for cocktails where you will find a picnic table within a pergola. Easy hike of approximately ½ mile round trip. Enjoy the view of Champlain Valley below and Mitchell Mountains.


Directions: From The Lodge’s, turn left at the bottom of the driveway at the road juncture to Sun Dancer Lodge. Follow the stream bed in front of Sun Dancer Lodge keeping the stream bed on your right to the top of the hill.


Lodge Property Loop Hike

Enjoy an easy hike along a cleared path on the property of approximately 1 1/4 mile round trip (see site map in binder at each lodge). View the South side of Old Rag Mountain, visit the remains of an old Appalachia homestead, or cool your feet in a mountain stream.


Directions: Start at the smokehouse next to Spirit Dancer Lodge and proceed up hill. Bear to the right at the fork. Continue uphill to the crest. Pick your way downhill along the fence line until you hit the logging road. Then turn left. Proceed to the end of the road and go downhill sharply to the stream.

To view the old home site, cross the stream and proceed left at a 15° angle for 200 yards to the big rocks. On the return, proceed straight on the logging road, which takes you to the top of Cocktail Hill.


Fishing Pond

The pond has a catch and release policy for any fish you may be lucky enough to snag. Largemouth Bass, Sunfish, and Catfish are present.


Directions: From Sun Dancer / Spirit Dancer Lodge, turn right at the bottom of the driveway at the juncture to Sun Dancer Lodge. Walk over the hill crest and you‘ll see the pond straight ahead.




While you are enjoying the country ai and are totally relaxed, why not indulge yourself in a body massage. A massage specialist will come to The Lodges and provide soothing comfort during your stay.


UnBound Body Therapies

This certified masseuse is close to the Lodges located at 3549 South Fort Valley, Suite 2 (across from the Little Country Store on Rt 211). You have a choice of visiting her studio or setting up in the Lodge. Christina Culley graduated at the Virginia School of Massage in 2002 and has been a practicing therapeutic artist for 16 years. She feels that this work is part of her calling and is humbled by the opportunity to work with each client. Signature Massage is 60 or 90 minutes ($60/$90 for in studio and $85/$115 for a Lodge visit). She uses a combination of slow strokes, still points and therapeutic aromas to invite the mind to rest and the nervous system to naturally restore itself. Call Christina at 540-987-8247 for appointment.


Mobile Massage by Diane

This mobile massage van will come to The Lodges between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm and you have a choice of setting up either in the Lodge or in the van. Call 703-606-8884 and ask for Diane McCawley. The rates are reasonably priced.


Sauna Room

If you are staying at Spirit Dancer Lodge, there is a 4 person sauna available in the lower level for your enjoyment. Turn on the sauna 1 hour prior to your planned entry.



We recommend short exploration hikes on our property (see On-the- Premises tab). Also, we back up to the Shenandoah National Park (SNP) which provides 196,000 acres of mountains for you to explore. There are many developed hiking trails within the SNP that are a short driving distance from The Lodges. Six that we recommend are listed below.


Old Rag Mountain (5 miles to trailhead)

The Old Rag Mountain hike is highly recommended, our favorite in the Shenandoah Mountains, and it is located virtually in our backyard as our property joins the SNP. Strenuous rock scrambling providing great vistas along the way and at the top. About 8 miles round trip which takes about 3 hours to climb, 2 hours to return, plus added time spent at the top for a great picnic location. Start early (before 9:00 AM) to avoid the weekend hikers from Washington DC. While this is a strenuous hike, don‘t be scared off. It can be achieved by anyone in reasonable shape. Hiking boots are best for ankle support, but tennis shoes will work. I once found a woman attempting the climb in high heels and a skirt after an Easter Sunday church service! Don‘t know if she made it, but she was trying. Take a backpack with your lunch and a minimum of 1000ml of water for each hiker with 2000ml preferred on hot days. SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn left on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) and continue to the T intersection. Turn left on Rt 646 (Champe Plain Road) for 1.8 miles. Turn left on Rt 707 (Nethers Road) and proceed to National Park parking lot on the left side of the road which is clearly marked. If this lot is empty, continue on ½ mile to end of the road to a small parking lot. Do not park along the road or you will be towed or ticketed. Entrance fee is $5.00 per person.

As you start the hike from the upper parking lot, the trail will split after a short distance. Take the path to the left up into the woods, and not the path to the right which follows along the stream.


An alternate starting location is located at Berry Hollow. This route links up with the Weakly Hollow trail and avoids the rock scramble of the front approach. While not nearly as much fun, it will allow reaching the summit with much less effort. Be careful of both routes in the winter months if snow and ice is present.


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) ) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn right on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) for 5.2 miles to the T intersection with Rt 600 (Weakly Hollow Road). Turn right on Rt 600 for 4.7 miles (go pass the White Oak Canyon on the left for 1 mile) until you see the National Park parking sign on the right at the end of the road.


Another alternate starting location is to bushwhack your way from The Lodges to the top of Old Rag. The total distance is approximately the same as departing from the lower parking lot of the National Park. If you are interested, we can provide GPS coordinates to assist in your trek. Be certain to bring an analog compass and not totally rely on your cell phone for compass and GPS points. If your cell phone batteries die, the phone becomes a $400 rock and no longer a usable tool!


White Oak Canyon (11 miles to trailhead)

Another good hike is along the White Oak Canyon stream. This is a moderate hike with several waterfalls along the way. Slide down the rocks and go swimming at the base of the falls. Great spot for kids. Take a lunch, and go as far as you desire and return on the same path. If you make it to the top (7.5 miles one way) you can stop at the Skyland restaurant on Skyline drive for a beer and sandwich. This is also a terrific winter hike. With the leaves off the falls are more visible and the stream and waterfall are often frozen providing an entirely different experience. Don‘t forget to bring water! SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) ) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn right on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) for 5.2 miles to the T intersection with Rt 600 (Weakly Hollow Road). Turn right on Rt 600 for 3.7 miles until you see the National Park parking sign on the left.


Mary‘s Rock (20 miles to trailhead)

Mary‘s Rock is a moderate hike with great vistas from the top. Round trip is about 4 miles beginning from Skyline Drive. Ask ranger at the park entrance for specific directions. SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn left on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) to Etlan. Turn left on Rt 231 and continue to Rt 522. Left on Rt 522 to Sperryville. Left on Rt 211 to Skyline Drive. Proceed South on Skyline Drive a short distance to Mary‘s Rock near mile post 31.5.
Stoney Man (27 miles to trailhead)

This is one of the most scenic circuits in the Park. The trails are well maintained and marked and the grades are not difficult. The panoramic views from Stony Man and Little Stoney Man are outstanding. From 1845 to the turn of the century, a copper mine operated near the summit of Stony Man. Although Stony Man (4011ft.) is the second highest peak in the Park, the climb from the parking lot is only about 330ft. Ask ranger at the park entrance for specific directions. SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn left on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) to Etlan. Turn left on Rt 231 and continue to Rt 522. Left on Rt 522 to Sperryville. Left on Rt 211 to Skyline Drive. Proceed South on Skyline Drive a short distance tStoney Man parking near mile post 39.


Three Falls (39 miles to trailhead)

As advertized, Three Falls circuit hike passes three of the most beautiful falls in the Shenandoah National Park, Rose River Falls, Dark Hollow Falls, and Lewis Spring Falls. SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn left on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) to Etlan. Turn left on Rt 231 and continue to Rt 522. Left on Rt 522 to Sperryville. Left on Rt 211 to Skyline Drive. Proceed South on Skyline Drive to Big Meadows.


Little Devils Stairs(17 miles to trailhead)

Little Devils Stairs is a strenuous hike that is ideal in the spring time when the temperatures are moderate. Take plenty of water for the climb. SNP Trail Map


Directions from The Lodges: Return to barns and turn right on Rt 644 (Emmett Road) and continue to the T- intersection. Turn left on Rt 643 (Etlan Road) to Etlan. Turn left on Rt 231 and continue to Rt 522. Left on Rt 522 to Sperryville. Turn right on Route 211 towards Warrenton and continue to Route 622. Turn left on 622 until you reach Route 614. Turn left on 614 and continue to the trailhead parking area.



There are many points of interest within the surrounding area of The Lodges, several of which are of National interest such as Monticello, Montpelier, Shenandoah National Park, and the University of Virginia


Two limousine services are available for hire to pick you up from The Lodges and take you to visit wineries or other destinations of your choice. Call them for more information or to make reservations.
Integrity Limo - 540-229-7466, ask for Gary
Lightfoot Limo - 540-829-0997


Headmasters Pub (11 miles)

Pub with live music every Friday and Saturday weekend, featuring local up and comings, as well as tried and true Rappahannock rock stars Show off your skills on the pool table or at the dart board. Also there is a large antique shop with great prices on unique furniture. Old Schoolhouse, Sperryville, VA (540) 987-5008


Antiques Made Daily (11 miles)

Table manufacture making items look old (see wormy chestnut dining room table in Spirit Dancer Lodge for an example of work). Rt. 211 Sperryville, VA


Copper Fox Antiques (11 miles)

Large antique barn with two floors. Sperryville, VA (540) 987-8800


Graves Mountain Lodge (6 miles)

Summer and fall activities for the family. Check local paper for times and events. Syria, VA (540) 923-4321


Hebron Lutheran Church (9 miles)

Oldest Lutheran church in the US. Madison, VA


Jenkins Orchard (8 miles)

Best place to buy very fresh apples, peaches and pears in season. Selection of jams and honey also available. Proceed North on Route 231 about halfway to Sperryville and turn right on Route 621 (Yancey Road) at the sign for the orchard. Jenkins is on the left about 1 mile. Sperryville, VA


Luray Caverns (25 miles)

Underground caverns with well lit pathways. Largest caverns in Eastern America. Luray, VA (540) 743-6551


Luray Caverns - Garden Maze (25 miles)

Unravel the mystery of the largest garden maze in the Mid-Atlantic states. A one acre ornamental garden at Luray Caverns. Eight foot tall hedges create a pathway of puzzlement. A misting fog provides cooling and special effects. Don‘t be fooled. this is a difficult maze and a fun event for everyone. Luray VA (540) 843-0769


Madison Antiques (11 miles)

The city of Madison has several antique shops. Madison VA


Monticello (45 miles)

Home of President Thomas Jefferson the 3rd president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence. Frequent tours. Enjoy his estate and recognize his genius. Makes for a nice day trip.


Montpelier (125 miles)

Home of James and Dolly Madison an American statesman, political theorist and the 4th President of the United States. Orange, VA


Plow & Hearth Outlet (15 miles)

An outlet store where you can pick up some good deals. Other shops are along the way. Madison, VA on Route 29.


Skyline Drive (17 miles)

Beautiful scenic drive along the Appalachian mountains. This road was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression. The drive winds through Shenandoah National Park, with views that spread from the lush Shenandoah Valley in the west to the Virginia Piedmont in the east. There are 75 scenic overlooks to stop and take in the panoramas. Proceed North to Sperryville and then West on Route 211 to the entrance at the top of the mountain. Proceed South for as many miles as you care to drive. There can be traffic jams during the fall color season so be careful during that time.


Skyline Caverns (17 miles)

Located at the northern entrance to Skyline Drive. One of only a few places in the world where formations known as Anthodites are found.


Sperryville Emporium (15 miles)

This is an eclectic collection of items from rubber snakes to custom made solid wood furniture. It is worth a stop just to see the variety displayed. Sperryville, VA (540) 987-8235


University of Virginia (35 miles)

Founded by President Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA


Wasmund‘s Single Malt Whisky Plant (11 miles)

The plant is across from the very back building of the Copper Fox Antiques to the right. Knock on the door to see if he‘s there, if not, his tours are at 2:00 and 4:00 You get a free tasting & it‘s basically a one man operation. Sperryville, VA


Yoder‘s Country Market (11 miles)

This is a Mennonite country store with a cozy down home atmosphere with country goodies. Yoder‘s has been operated as a family business since 1985 and has freshly baked pies and breads, soups and salads, and over 75 different meats and cheeses. Sandwiches are made to suit your taste. Goats, sheep and birds for children to pet and view. It is a fun place to visit. 10% off for seniors on Tuesdays. Store hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 6:00. They close at 4:00 on Saturday and are closed all day on Sunday. Madison, VA (540) 948-3000



Virginia saw more major Civil War battles than any other state, and was both the beginning and the end of the War. The Civil War of 1861 to 1865 occurred in many locations in Virginia and many campaigns took place at points close to The Lodges. Northeast to Culpeper, West to Shenandoah Valley or Southeast to Spotsylvania, all within reasonable driving distances. Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville, Crossing the Rapidan, Stonewall Jackson‘s bivouac at Criglersville. This is where the Civil War roared to its bloody climax. No place more vividly reflects the tragic cost in all its forms. A town bombarded and looted. Farms large and small ruined. Refugees by the thousands forced into the countryside. More than 85,000 men wounded; 15,000 killed--most in graves unknown. Consult the map in the notebook or see: Civil War Tours or Civil War Trust.


Museum of Culpeper History (20 miles)

803 S. Main Street, Culpeper, VA



Millions of years of Culpeper history are showcased here through exhibits showing dinosaur footprints, Manahoac Indian heritage, colonial times, the Civil War era and the 20th Century.


Battle of the Wilderness (43 miles)

The Battle of the Wilderness, fought May 5-7, 1864, was the first battle of Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant‘s 1864 Virginia Overland Campaign against Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Both armies suffered heavy casualties, a harbinger of a bloody war of attrition by Grant against Lee‘s army and, eventually, the Confederate capital, Richmond, Virginia. The battle was tactically inconclusive, as Grant disengaged and continued his offensive.


There is no visitor center on this battlefield. Historians at the Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville Visitor Centers are available daily to orient visitors and answer questions about the Wilderness when the shelter is not manned


Chancellorsville Battlefield (50 miles)

The Chancellorsville Campaign was fought over several days in late April and early May, 1863. To reach the Chancellorsville Visitor Center from I-95, take exit 130A (Route 3) west for approximately seven miles. The visitor center is on the right, north side of the highway.


Manassas National Battlefield Park (53 miles)

Route 29, Manassas VA

Battle of First Manassas -- Henry Hill Visitor Center On a warm July day in 1861, two armies of a divided nation clashed for the first time on the fields overlooking Bull Run. Ten hours of heavy fighting swept away any notion the war‘s outcome would be decided quickly.


Battle of Second Manassas -- Brawner Farm Interpretive Center (50 miles)

Battle of Second Manassas -- In August 1862, Union and Confederate armies converged for a second time on the plains of Manassas. The contending armies, now made up of seasoned veterans, knew well the realities of war. The Battle of Second Manassas, covering three days, produced far greater carnage and brought the Confederacy to the height of its power.


Graffiti House (31 miles)

19484 Brandt Road, Brandy Station, VA


Utilized as a hospital during the Civil War, this two story features an extensive list of solders, regiments and drawings on its second floor walls


Civil War Trails and Tours (20 miles)



A driving tour is available throughout the Culpeper County pointing out the important sites of Civil War movement, battles and monuments. Call for details.


Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel (32 miles)

400 S. Main Street, Gordonsville, VA


Reenactments and various exhibits bring the military and medical history of this attraction to life. Initially built as a railroad hotel in 1860, the building became a hospital during the Civil War and was heavily operated during the Battle of Wilderness.


Culpeper National Cemetery (21 miles)

305 U.S. Avenue, Culpeper, VA

Created in 1867, this national cemetery is the final resting place of Civil War soldiers from Culpeper and the surrounding area.


Virginia State Highway Historical Markers
The Virginia Department of Transportation sponsors a highway marker program as a means of helping to direct travelers to sites of local, state and national significance. Several Civil War associated markers are located in Madison County. They read as follows:

Jackson‘s Crossing F-22. Here at Locust Dale, Stonewall Jackson‘s army crossed the river moving north to the battle of Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862. The battle was fought a few hours later.
Cavalry Engagement at Jack‘s Shop G-11. First known as Jack‘s Shop for a blacksmith shop that stood nearby, Rochelle was the scene of a cavalry skirmish on 22 September 1863. While Confederate cavalry under Major General J. E. B. Stuart engaged Union Brigadier General John Buford‘s troops, the cavalry of Brigadier General H. Judson Kilpatrick rode to Buford‘s support and attacked the rear of Stuart‘s force. Stuart‘s horse artillery and his cavalry fired and charged in both directions. They broke through Kilpatrick‘s lines and escaped.
Joseph Early Home G-12. One mile west was the home of Joseph Early, Revolutionary soldier. Washington, in going west and returning, stopped at Early‘s overnight. His diary for October 2, 1784, shows that he spent the night before at Widow Early‘s. (Rt 29+230)
Jackson‘s March to Fredericksburg JE-1. Stonewall Jackson, on his march from Winchester to Fredericksburg, preceding the battle of Fredericksburg, camped here, November 26, 1862.
A Camp of Stonewall Jackson‘s JE-15. Just to the north, on the night of November 25, 1862, Stonewall Jackson, with his corps, camped. He was on his way to join Lee at Fredericksburg. (Quaker Run Rd (649) + 670)






Etlan is located in a sparsely settled part of Virginia, without any nearby destination resorts offering daily-fee golf or population centers big enough to support a public golf course of any quality. However, good to excellent public-access golf courses can be found within a reasonable drive in practically any direction. Listed are among the best options within a drive of an hour or so from The Lodges.


Schoolhouse Club (11 miles)

Sperryville, VA;


This 9 hole pitch-and-putt par 3 course was first opened in the summer of 2015. It is close the The Lodges and provides an opportunity to tune up your game.


Caverns Country Club (31 miles)

910 T.C. Northcott Blvd, Luray, VA; 504-743-6551


This course is just west of Etlan as the crow flies, but cars have to go north to Sperryville, then west over the mountain on Rt 211. This pleasant, scenic, and interesting course lies atop the famous Luray Caverns, which owns and subsidizes it. Because of the subsidy, maintenance is very good though the course gets little play, and the greens fees are very reasonable -- $30 Mon-Thu, and $40 Fri-Sun, plus $15 for a cart. There are caverns and sinkholes on the property, but if your ball goes into one of those, you get a free drop. One could arrange to play golf in the morning and tour the Caverns in the afternoon.


Birdwood Golf Course (40 miles)

Part of The Boar‘s Head resort complex, 200 Ednam Drive, off Route 250 just west of Charlottesville; golf course 434-293-4653


Birdwood is regarded as the best public golf course in the Charlottesville area. Owned by the University of Virginia, it is the home course of the university‘s golf teams. Its web site boasts: Spectacular Blue Ridge views, invigorating vistas, and 18 holes of challenging golf. It is easy to see why Birdwood Golf Course at The Boar‘s Head is a highly acclaimed course, with recent accolades including the prestigious 4 ½-star ranking among the Best Places to Play in the 2010 edition of Golf Digest. Given these attributes, the cost to play there is surprisingly affordable: greens fees are $52 on Mon-Thu, and $63 on Fri-Sun and holidays. Carts are another $20, and range balls are $6 for 45 balls and $12 for 105 balls.


Spring Creek Golf Club (50 miles)

11 miles south of Gordonsville

109 Clubhouse Way, Zion‘s Crossing, VA; 540-832-0744


This course opened for play in 2006, and in 2007 was ranked by Golf Digest as the country‘s best new affordable public golf course (greens fees plus cart total less than $75). It has remained on the annual list of best affordable courses ever since, and also appears on other best-course lists, holding its own against famous resort courses costing two or three times as much to play. It was built as part of a large project to be called the Sam Snead Golf Trail, emulating the famous and highly successful Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, which consists of a string of high-end golf resorts snaking through Alabama from north to south for a couple of hundred miles. But Sam Snead died (after all, he was over 90), then the economy slowed way down, and the project sputtered to a halt, with only this single fine golf course in the middle of nowhere to show for it. Greens fees are only $70 including cart and range balls on Mon-Thu, and $95 on Fri-Sun.


Meadows Farms Golf Course (40 miles)

4300 Flat Run Rd, Locust Grove, VA; 540-854-9890


Farmer Meadows made a ton of money with his numerous DC-area nursery and garden supply outlets, so he was free to indulge himself when he decided to build his own, idiosyncratic golf course. It is unique. Its 28 holes include a practice hole, America‘s longest hole -- an 861-yard par 6, a hole with an island green, another with an elevated green backed by a waterfall, and yet another built inside a baseball field -- you tee off at home plate and aim for the green in deep center field (home runs are inappropriate here). To be sure, this rustic course is rough around the edges and in the middle, too, but it is inexpensive: greens fees with cart are $39 on Mon-Thu, $44 on Fridays, and $49 on weekends and holidays. Other courses may be better maintained and more polished as well as more expensive, but none is nearly as much fun.


Blue Ridge Shadows (40 miles)

456 Shadow Drive, Front Royal, VA; 540-631-9661


This is another orphan of a failed plan to build a high-end destination resort. After the course and Holiday Inn were completed, the project went bankrupt and is in receivership. Like those at Spring Creek, the greens fees at the Shadows are way below what a course of this (intended) quality usually charges: $50 for 18 holes or $65 for an all-day pass (including cart) Mon-Fri, and $15 more on weekends and holidays. The course is interesting, challenging, and reasonably well-groomed but it lacks trees or other decorative vegetation -- possibly the developer ran out of money before a landscaping plan could be executed. Furthermore, because the Shadows is being run on a shoestring budget the overall customer experience can be a little disappointing.


Shenandoah Valley Golf Club (44 miles)

134 Golf Club Circle, Front Royal, VA; 540-636-4653


This complex consists of three nine-hole tracks --the Red, White, and Blue nines-- that are mixed and matched to form three possible 18-hole courses. Golfers may request a specific combination but may have to settle for something else when the course is crowded, as is often the case on weekends. On such days, golfers are started out simultaneously on all three nines; when those nines are full, after about two hours, no more tee times are available until after those already on the course have crossed over to their second nines. Shenandoah Valley is not long or overly challenging, but the course is so beautiful and the golfing experience so pleasant that it regularly appeared on lists of the best courses in Virginia. April through October, greens fees plus cart cost $35 on Mon-Thu, $40 on Fri, and $50 on weekends and holidays. Discounts are available on weekdays for walkers, on Thursdays for seniors and ladies, after 2pm any day, and for replays.


Bowling Green Country Club (45 miles)

838 Bowling Green Rd, Front Royal, VA

North Course: 540-635-2024; South Course: 540-635-2883


This complex consists of two 18-hole courses, the North and South. The North Course is older, longer (6,400 yards), and more difficult, with a diabolical creek in play on 13 of the holes. The South Course (5,900 yards) was designed to be more user-friendly than the North but nevertheless is fun to play. It has some challenging holes, along with great views of the Blue Ridge. Greens fees including cart are $30 on Weekdays and $46 on weekends, with discounts for seniors, for walking, for starting after 3pm, for being really nice or good-looking, and so on.

and South. The North Course is older, longer (6,400 yards), and more difficult, with a diabolical creek in play on 13 of the holes. The South Course (5,900 yards) was designed to be more user-friendly than the North but nevertheless is fun to play. It has some challenging holes, along with great views of the Blue Ridge. Greens fees including cart are $30 on Weekdays and $46 on weekends, with discounts for seniors, for walking, for starting after 3pm, for being really nice or good-looking, and so on.


Directions to:

Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club

Shenandoah Valley Golf Club

Bowling Green Country Club


The easiest way (not necessarily quickest or shortest) to get from Etlan to this cluster of fine courses in Warren County is to drive north to Sperryville, get on US-522N and stay on it after it merges with US-360N until you cross over I-66 (big new regional shopping center at this exit). Then look for Blue Ridge Shadows on the left, across from the Virginia Inland Port. Actually, if you get this far you missed the entrance, a left turn onto Shadow Drive. Alternatively, you can continue northward a mile or so until you reach the Warren County Fairgrounds. Turn right onto Fairground Drive and proceed past the fairgrounds until you cross the railroad tracks. Then look for a left turn with a sign indicating the way to Shenandoah Valley Golf Club. If you choose instead to go straight, you will soon reach Bowling Green Country Club. The two clubs, built by the same developer, are adjacent



Virginia does not have large destination ski resorts like some states, but if you are seeking a day on the slopes to get your legs back and carve some turns, there are 3 resorts within reasonable driving distances that offer wonderful opportunities. They are particularly well suited to teach new or beginning skiers without the crowds or expense of a trip to the Northeast or Western slopes.


Bryce Resort (59 miles)

Basye, Virginia

(800) 821-1444


Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Bryce Resort is a mountain escape that is continually voted as the most family-friendly resort in the Mid-Atlantic. The entire family can enjoy eight beautifully groomed ski slopes, appropriate for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Skiers can hone their skills at the nationally known Horst Locher Ski School or enroll their children in the SKIwee or Mini Rider programs, which cater to children ages 4 ½ to 8 years of age. Bryce‘s family-friendly slopes can accommodate everyone, at all levels.


Vertical drop: 500 feet

Acres: 25

Summit Elevation: 1,750 feet

Snowfall/Year: 30 inches

Lifts: 2 chair, 5 surface

Terrain: 8 slopes -- 34% beg., 33% inter. and 33% exp

Lift Tickets: $60 adults (weekends), $53 child (weekends)

Tubing: Yes



Massanutten Resort (50 miles)

Harrisonburg, Virginia

(540) 289-9441


Massanutten Resort sits just 10 miles from Harrisonburg, VA, offering 70 acres of skiable terrain, all of which is lit for night skiing. Massanutten has a home town mountain feel, but offers all the amenities of larger destination resorts, with two different terrain parks, some of the steepest black diamonds in the state, show tubing, an array of beginner slopes, and a snow sports learning center renowned for its personal attention.


Vertical drop: 1100 feet

Acres: 70

Summit Elevation: 2,925 feet

Snowfall/Year: 56 inches

Lifts: 1 tube lift, J-bar, 3 quad, triple, 2 conveyors

Terrain: 14 slopes -- 30% beg., 35% inter. and 35% adv

Lift Tickets: $66 adults (weekends), $56 child (weekends)

Tubing: Yes



Wintergreen Resort (69 miles)

Wintergreen, Virginia

(434) 325-2100


Wintergreen Resort is located adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Charlottesville. It offers 26 slopes on 129 skiable acres. The resort features the region‘s most extensive beginner-to-expert terrain. Fourteen slopes are lighted for night skiing and the resort‘s longest run is 1.4 miles. Two terrain parks (progressive and advanced), the region‘s top snow tubing park, and a brand new ice skating rink accent the winter recreational offerings.


Vertical drop: 1,003 feet

Acres: 129

Summit Elevation: 3,515 feet

Snowfall/Year: 40 inches

Lifts: 2 - 6 persons, quad, triple, double, 2 ropes

Terrain: 26 slopes -- 23% beg., 35% inter. and 42% exp.

Lift Tickets: $70 adults (weekends), $55 child (weekends)

Tubing: Yes




Virginia has one of the most extensive wild trout stream inventories in the eastern United States. Visit Virginia Fishing Streams for detailed information about each stream. Several stocked trout streams are just minutes away from The Lodges.


Stream Fishing (6 to 8 miles)

Stocked trout streams are minutes away for fly fishing enthusiasts. The Conway River, Hughes River, Rapidan River, Robinson River, and the Rose River are all in Madison County. The Hughes, Robinson and Rose rivers are state stocked with Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout. These rivers are only a few miles from The Lodges. (State fishing license and trout stamp are required).


Hughes and Robinson Rivers are stocked once in each of the following periods: January; February; March; April 1-April 20; April 20-May 10; May 10-May 30; October; November; December


The Rose River is stocked once in each of the following periods: February, October; November; December thru January, and stocked ten times during the period March thru May.


Catch-&-Release Pond Fishing (0 miles)

Our property has a Catch-&-Release pond that is stocked with sunfish, catfish, and largemouth bass. Bring your fishing pole and give it a try. (No fishing license is required).


Catch-&-Pay Pond Fishing (6 miles)

Graves Mountain which is also close by that has a Catch-&-Pay pond that is stocked with trout. Admission is free and payment is based on the weight of fish caught. It is open on weekends in March, April, May, October and November. (No fishing license is required).




Canoeing on the Shenandoah river, biking in the National park or a country road, or horseback riding on mountain trails are easily accomplished for the energetic.



These outfitters operate along the Shenandoah and rent canoes, kayaks, 4-man and 6-man rafts and tubes along with the necessary life preservers and paddles. Get an early start for this venture. Take a bit of rope to tie your things into the canoe, and don‘t forget the sunscreen! There are several put-in and take-out points so you can determine the length of time you want to be on the water. They will provide pickup and return to your car.


Shenandoah River Outfitters (38 miles)



DownRiver Canoe Company (42 miles)

(800) 338-1963


Front Royal Outdoors (38 miles)

(540) 635-5440


Rapidan River Kayak Company (26 miles)

(540) 672-3955
Specializing in guided kayak river tours on the picturesque Rapidan River (approximately 4 miles from James Madison’s Montpelier). They provide all equipment as well as basic kayak stroke and safety instruction prior to the start of each 3 hour tour led by a guide certified by the American Canoe Association..



Lots of country roads to bike on an more than sufficient hills to satisfy even the die-hards. Follow Route 643 from Etlan to Syria and visit an old country store. Have an ice cream, and follow the road to the right into the mountains if desired. Don‘t forget that you have to bike back!!


Horseback Riding

Get on your horse and see the countryside. Trail rides are available with a wrangler to show you the way.


Skyland Stables @ Shenandoah National Park (30 miles)


Graves Mt. Lodge (6 miles)



Madison county and surrounding area has a suitable church selection for nearly all religions.



Antioch Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. Frank D. Lewis. Phone 672-5897. Sunday School 9:00am, Worship every Sunday at 9:30AM; Wednesday service 7:30PM P.O. Box 881, Madison VA 22727 Phone (540) 948-6122

Beth Car Baptist Church

Pastor, Dr. R. W. Turner, Jr., Sunday School 9:45AM, Worship Sunday 11:00AM. P.O. Box 444, Madison, VA 22727, Phone (540) 948-6918

Elk Run Baptist Church

Pastor, Frank Lacey; Bible Study 10:00AM, Morning Service 11:00AM every 1st & 3rd Sunday. P.O. Box 132, Madison VA 22727, Phone (540) 948-4208

Calvary Freewill Baptist Church

Pastor, Richard Wright, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:00AM and 6:00PM, Wednesday service 7:30PM Box 926, Madison VA 22727, Phone (540) 829-4675

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

Pastor, Dr. R. Bernardo Snipes, Sunday School 10:00AM Sunday Worship 11:00AM Bible Study and Prayer, Wednesdays at 7:00PM Brightwood, VA Phone (540) 543-2306

The Flock

The Flock is a contemporary evangelical church seeking to lead people into healthy, whole, dynamic lives through the power of Jesus Christ. the Flock is located at 625 Orange Road, Pratts. VA

Good Hope Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. Kyle Balderson, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:00AM, Wednesday Bible Study 7:30PM, Radiant, VA 22732, Phone (540) 672-2812

Grace Baptist Church

Pastor Shaddrick Willis, Sunday School 9:45AM, Worship 11:00AM, Bible Study 6:00PM, Evening Service 7:30PM, Achsah, VA Phone (540) 672-9010

Locust Grove Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. Gordon E. Henderson, Sr., Church School 9:45AM, Worship (except 5th Sunday) 11:00AM, Bible Study and Prayer Service Wednesday 7:30PM Gen. Del. Post Office, Radiant, VA 22732, Phone (540) 672-2367

Main Uno Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. Dr. Darnell M. Lundy, Sunday School 9:45AM, Worship (except 5th Sunday) 11:00AM, 5th Sunday Worship 10:00AM, no Sunday School, Wednesday Prayer & Praise Service 6:30PM and Bible Study 7:00PM. Rochelle, VA, Phone (540) 672-4261

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Pastor, Brian Wagner, Sunday School 9:45AM, Worship 11:00AM, Wednesday Prayer Service 7:30PM, Rt. 1, Box 21H, Haywood, VA 22722

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. Gordon E. Henderson, Sr., Sunday School 9:45AM, Worship 2nd Sunday 10:00AM, 4th Sunday - Sunday School 8:45AM, Worship 10:00AM, Bible Study and Prayer Service Thursday 7:30PM. Rt. 1, Box 177, Orange, VA 22960. Phone (540) 672-1059

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Pastor, Rev. James L. Brown. Worship every Sunday including 5th Sunday at 11:15AM, Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00PM. Rt. 621, Rochelle, VA, Phone (540) 948-3635

Swift Ford Baptist Church

Pastor Arthur L. Greene, Sr. Sunday School at 9:00AM Worship Services are every Sunday except for 5th Sunday at 10:00AM Wednesday is Prayer Service and Bible Study at 7:00PM P.O. Box 1074, Criglersville, VA 22727 Phone (540) 923.4560

Novum Baptist Church

Pastor Jeffrey Light (540) 987-9523. Sunday Worship Services 8:30AM and 11:00AM, Sunday Schools 9:45AM; Tuesday Choir, 7:00PM; Wednesdays, Adult Discipleship, 6:30PM; Fridays, Christian Community Night, 5:30PM. 1629 Novum Church Road, Reva, VA 22735. Phone (540) 547-3357.

Oak Park Road Baptist Church

Pastor Russell W. Biber., Sunday School at 10:00AM. Sunday Morning Service at 11:00AM, Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer at 7:30PM 1893 Oak Park Road, Madison, VA Phone (540) 948-5515



Our Lady of the Blue Ridge

Father John E. Morel, Mass Sunday 8:00AM and 10:30AM, Confession Saturday 4:00PM, Holy Days of Obligation 7:30PM, weekday Mass 8am, Rts. 29 & 629, Madison, VA 22727, Phone (540) 948-4144




Fairview Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:00AM (except 5th Sunday), Rt 230,P.O. Box 19, Hood, VA 22727, Phone (540) 948-5060

Rochelle Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship every Sunday 11:00AM, fellowship meals every last Sunday of the month at noon, Rochelle, VA Phone (540) 672-0107

The Summit

Pastor Mark Decourcey The Summit meets at the Madison County High School, 10:00AM on Sundays. Phone 540-222-1063.



Church of the Brethren

Pastor, Ed Morris Adult & Children‘s Sunday School 10:00AM, Adult and Children‘s Church 11:00AM - 2493 Lillards Ford Road, Brightwood, VA 22715 Phone (540) 948-5036

Shiloh Church of the Brethren

Worship 9:30AM, Sunday School 10:30AM every Sunday. Women‘s Work each Monday Rt. 667, Kinderhook, VA




Piedmont Episcopal Church Pastor, Rev. Brad Jackson, P.O. Box 305, Madison, VA 22727, Sunday -Worship at 8:30AM and 10:00AM, Church school at 9:00AM and 10:00AM Tuesday - Morning Prayer at 9:30AM Wednesday - Bible Study at 10:00AM followed by Eucharist & Healing service at 11:00AM Thursday - Morning Prayer at 9:30AM, Bible Study at 7:00PM Friday - Morning Prayer at 9:30AM Church St., Madison VA Phone (540) 948-6787




Church of the Gospel

Elder Lonnie R. Wyant, Services 1st and 3rd Sundays 11:00AM, Sunday School 10:00AM Aroda, VA

Thoroughfare Bible Church

Pastor, Mike Vaughan, Sunday Bible Classes 10:00AM, Worship 11:00AM and 7:00PM, Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer 7:00PM, Rt. 630, Brightwood VA Phone (540) 547-3621




Hebron Lutheran Church

Pastor, Reverend Almasy,Worship 10:00AM with nursery provided, Communion every Sunday P.O. Box 100, Rt. 638, Madison, VA 22727, Phone (540) 948-4381

Mt. Nebo Lutheran Church

Sunday School for adults and children 10:00AM, Sunday Worship 11:15AM, Communion 1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday Coffee Fellowship 10:45AM, Rt. 621 - off Rt. 231 in Rochelle, VA Phone (540)672-4343




Oak Grove Mennonite Church

Pastor, Samuel Hochstetler, Service 10:00AM, Sunday Program 7:30PM (except 3rd Sunday), Prayer and Bible Study every other Wednesday 7:30PM, P.O. Box 456, Rt 625, Aroda, VA 22709, Phone (540) 948-3116

Blue Ridge Christian Fellowship

Henry Blank, Pastor. Sunday school at 10:00AM. Worship service at 11:00AM. 4709 Orange Rd, near Radiant at the Burnt Tree Grange Phone (540)948-6340




Bethel United Methodist Church

Rev. Henry D. Aylor, Sunday School 10:00AM, Service at 11:00AM (except 5th Sunday), HCR2, Box 484, Rochelle, VA 22738, Phone (540)923-4302

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

Pastor, Rev.Bryan Copeland Buckles, Worship 1st Sunday 9:30AM, 4th Sunday 11:00AM Nethers, VA

Bethsaida United Methodist Church

Pastor, Rev. William Clayton, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 9:00AM Etlan VA United Methodist Church: Pastor, Rev. Paul Ritter, Sunday School 10:00AM every Sunday (except 3rd at 11:00AM), Worship 1st Sunday 11:00AM, 3rd Sunday 9:45AM Brightwood, VA

Madison United Methodist Church

Pastor, Stephen King, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:15AM, Phone (540) 948-6182

Mt. Olivet United Methodist

Rev. Bryan Copeland Buckles, Worship 2nd & 4th Sundays 9:30AM

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

Pastor, Rev. William Clayton, Sunday School 11:00AM, Worship Service 10:00AM, Oak Park, VA Phone (540) 948-3471

Oak Grove United Methodist Church

Rev. Bryan Copeland Buckles, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 2nd and 4th Sunday 11:00AM, UMM Fellowship Breakfast for entire charge at 8:00AM on 5th Sunday, Phone (540) 923-4721

Rose Park United Methodist Church

Pastor, Stephen King, Sunday School 9:15AM, Worship 10:00AM, Phone (540) 948-3959

Walker‘s United Methodist Church

(Madison Mills) Pastor, Rev. William Clayton, Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:15AM, HCR 05, Box 338, Radiant, VA 22732

Etlan United Methodist Church

Rev. Bryan Copeland Buckles



Nethers Mill Lighthouse Tabernacle

Pastor, Charles Clinedinst, Services Saturday and Wednesday 7:30PM, Sundays 5:30PM

New Fellowship Church

Pastor Mallory Monroe, Services 10:00AM, Bible Study Wednesday 6:30PM, Rt. 15, Madison Mills, VA Phone (540) 672-9326

Wolftown Pentecostal Chapel

Sunday School 10:00AM, Worship 11:00AM, Worship Saturday 7:00PM, Sunday 6:00PM, Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7:00PM, Rt. 662, Wolftown VA Phone (540) 948-6386



Madison Presbyterian Church

Rev. John Storey, Sunday School 9:00AM, Worship 10:00AM, Nursery provided. P.O. Box 297, Madison, VA 22727 Phone (540) 948-6972