Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know if the selected property is previously rented on the date needed?

2. How do I reserve a rental property?

3. When is my requested rental confirmed?

Your reservation will be officially reserved when payment for the selected date is received.

4. Who do I send the rental payment to?

Sun/Spirit Dancer LLC

4607 3rd Street North

Arlington, Virginia 22203

5. How do I get access to the rental property?

Each property has an electronic lock and a lock box on the main entrance. Upon completion of the rental process, the combination will be forwarded.

6. Check-In/Check-Out times?

Check-in is at 3:00 pm and check-out is at 12:00 Noon unless other arrangements are made.


7. How far apart are The Lodges?

Each lodge is separate and private being isolated by a ridge line and not visible one to another. However, the lodges are easily accessible within short road walking distances.

Sun Dancer to Spirit Dancer -- 200 yards

Sun Dancer to Star Dancer – 200 yards

Spirit Dancer to Star Dancer – 400 yards.

8. How close is Old Rag Mountain?

9. Nearest winery?

10. Nearest grocery store?


11. Hard-line Phone?

Local phone calls are free, but it will be necessary to bring along a calling card if long distance calls are necessary.

12. Cell Phone Access?

Cell phone coverage is spotty and is highly dependent upon your carrier. T-Mobil generally works, AT&T seems to work sometimes, followed by Verizon.

13. Internet Access?

Both lodges have Internet service.  There also is free Internet available at the library in Madison. This internet service works even after hours from the parking lot.


14. Are firearms allowed on the property?

Due to the legal liability associated with firearms and with livestock and neighbors in proximity, we do not allow the use of firearms on the property.

15. Are pets allowed?

We acknowledge that many pets are well behaved, but we have had several pet instances and our grandchildren are severely allergic. Therefore we do not allow pets.