Top 10 Things You Will Likely Do At “THE LODGES”
That You Wouldn’t Have Done At Home


1. Watch the sunrise while experiencing digital detox.

Life really will continue with real conversations instead of tweets!

2. Tell your best fireside jokes to a captive audience.

If they raise 1 hand it means you have told your joke before. If they raise 2 hands it means you have told your joke before on the same day!

3. Hike in the woods along a mountain stream.

Don't forget to take plenty of water!

4. Play a board game with family or friends.

If you ain't cheating you ain't trying!

5. Chat by the fire and share your experiences.

Exaggeration is acceptable when on vacation!

6. Get scolded for staying up too late.

Ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission!

7. Go shopping in a small town or a roadside shop.

Hard to find rubber snakes and lamp shades made from chewing gum wrappers in the same store!

8. Jointly prepare gourmet meals over cocktails.

When you are on vacation counting calories is taboo!

9. Have a fireside nightcap or two.

What happens at the Lodge stays at the Lodge!

10. Watch a moonrise and see the Milky Way.

Yes, the Milky Way is really still out there. Get away from the city lights and take a look!

Find the keys to relaxation

Come enjoy The Lodges where memories last forever