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Chief Joseph
“Hinmaton Yalatkit”, Nez Perce (c. 1832-1904)

Chief Joseph was a peace-minded eloquent political leader and acclaimed military genius. The Nez Perce lived peacefully in Idaho, hunting and trading with other tribes. They welcomed and fed Lewis and Clark in 1805 marking the beginning of a half century of peaceful co-existence with white people.

However starting in 1855 a series of treaties were forced on Nez...Read more >>

Sitting Bull
“Tatanka Iyotaka”, Hunkpapa Sioux Leader (c. 1834-1890)

As spiritual leader and head of the Hunkpapa warrior societies, this legendary chief and vision seeker guided his people for nearly 40 years during the times when Manifest Destiny sought her fortune within the lands of the Sioux. Sitting Bull was a stalwart defender of his people’s lands and lifeways, which were threatened by the intrusion of white settlers and min...Read more >>

Low Dog
“Xunka Kuciyedan”, Oglala Sioux Chief (b. 1846)

This powerful and respected warrior became a war chief at age 14. In 1876 he joined Sitting Bull’s hostilities on the Little Bighorn and led his band against Custer and the 7th Cavalry. Low Dog’s account of the battle is one of history’s best known.

Rain In The Face
“Itomagaju”, Hunkpapa Sioux Chief (c. 1835-1905)

This fearless warrior became well known for his leadership during the Fetterman massacre, Red Cloud Wars, and the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Kicking Bear
Miniconjou Sioux

Kicking Bear along with Short Bull was the principal leader of the Ghost Dance religion among the Indians at Pine Ridge and Standing Rock Agencies. The resulting terror marked the Sioux’s last armed conflict with the U.S. Army at the Massacre of Wounded Knee December 29, 1890.

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