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Little Big Man
Oglala Sioux Warrior

A fearless and respected warrior who fought along side of Crazy Horse against Bear Coat Miles. Little Big Man opposed the treaty and the commission that wanted to take the Black Hills from the Sioux. He was later made into an agency policeman by the whiteman, and some think that he was partially responsible for the death of Crazy Horse.

Red Cloud
“Makhpia-sha”, Oglala Sioux Chief (c. 1822-1909)

Red Cloud became the most important war leader of the Sioux and Cheyenne during the 1860’s in their opposition to the westward expansion of the Whites. He succeeded in virtually closing down the Bozeman Trail, and was one of the few Indians to win an armed conflict against the U.S. Army.

Short Bull
“Tatanka Ptecela”, Brute Sioux Medicine Man (1845-1915)

Short Bull, along with Kicking Bear was the principal leader of the Ghost Dance religion among the Sioux at the Pine Ridge and Standing Rock Agencies. The white man misinterpreted the pacifism of the new faith and the result was the death of Sitting Bull and the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee (Dec. 29, 1890).

Crow King
“Kangi Yatapi”, Hunkpapa Sioux Chief (d. 1884)

During the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Crow King and his band of 80 warriors attacked Custer from the south, allowing Crazy Horse and Gall to encircle the doomed 7th Cavalry.

“Goyathlay”, Apache Leader (c. 1829-1900)

A symbol of Native American resistance and warrior spirit, Geronimo acquired a reputation as a fearless fighter while wreaking vengeance on Mexican troops who had murdered his wife, children, and mother. When U.S. miners, settlers, and soldiers intruded on Chiricahua Apache lands in Arizona, Geronimo and his people resisted the newcomers, rejected U.S. efforts to settle his people o...Read more >>

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